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Company news and events.
Participation in the professional lighting design convention (PLDC) in Rotterdam.
Rotterdam, Netherlands
October, 23 - 26
April, 9 - 14
Milan, Italy
Participation in the international exhibition of lighting, which is the leading event in its sector. The exhibition is traditionally held in Italy once every two years.

The exhibition is organized by the Italian Association Assoluce, which brings together manufacturers of lighting products and is part of the Association of Furniture Manufacturers Federlegno-Arredo.
Graz, Austria
April, 8 - 14
Discussion of strategic partnerships and trends in lighting design.
November, 9
Moscow, Russia →
The lighting project of the Meshcherin Business Center took the 3rd place in the Russian Lighting Design 2018 competition in the Interior Lighting nomination.

The projects "KR Properties Company Office" and "Transition area in airport Domodedovo" were included in the TOP-10 works in the nomination "Interior lighting".
Moscow, Russia →
November, 6 - 7
October, 23 - 25
Moscow, Russia →
Participation in the professional convention of lighting designers (PLDC) in Singapore.
Singapore →
October, 25 - 27
Visit the world's largest international exhibition of architecture and technology - lighting, electrical installation, building automation.
18 - 23 марта
Frankfurt am Main, Germany →
Graz, Austria
XAL is a leading manufacturer of lighting fixtures and lighting systems for shops, offices, hotels and residences. The company was founded in 1989, and has 25 years of experience in the creation and improvement of high-tech fixtures, taking into account both passing and global trends in lighting equipment. Since 2003, the company has been developing LED lamps and is the undisputed world leader in this field, annually investing up to 7% of the company's turnover in research and development.
Vicenza, Italy
In October 2017, KA2 Light Architecture employees visited the factory of the Italian lighting company Luce & Light. The company appeared relatively recently, in 2007, but already managed to attract the attention of the whole world with its light products, which combined the traditions of the Italian style and the latest technological innovations. The factory is located in Vicenza, here is designed new lamps, including the wishes of customers and the latest trends in the world of lighting. All necessary equipment is located for complete and comprehensive testing of manufactured products.
The company Robers Leuchten began its work in 1964 as a small family business, and from the first day of work the true German quality and unusual medieval design of the original hand-made lamps became the hallmark of the brand. Like more than 40 years ago, almost every detail is now blown out or forged by craftsmen by hand, therefore each lamp is exclusive and helps to create a truly unique design and style of any room.