public buildings,
private ownership
public, residential, industrial, offices
parks, squares, adjacent territories, private territories, sports grounds and recreation areas
professional lighting of paintings, galleries, expositions, etc.
offices, shopping centers, shops, cafes, restaurants, etc.
How we work with our clients
Pre-project work and development
· Consultations
· Consideration of the features of the design object
· Research and analysis of source data
· Preparation of technical specifications
· Development of lighting concept
· Perform lighting calculations
· Scheme of equipment placement and binding
· Tasks for fixing fixtures
· Equipment selection and material specification
Sketch proposal / Concept
· Visualization of lighting according to an approved concept
· Preparation
Design project
· Equipment supply
· Installation
· Commissioning (trial start of the light installation in order to check its correct operation in various scenarios)
· Architectural supervision (controlled by the designer who developed the concept and project of lighting)
Maintenance / architectural supervision
5 facts about our company, which should be mentioned
KA2 is the perfect symbiosis of brilliant managers and technicians,
where everyone is a professional in his field.
Our company has extensive experience in the field of lighting - more than 15 years.
We work only with leading European manufacturers - because the unique design and the best quality of their products has been tested over the years.
Our partners are the most famous in the market of construction, architecture and design companies.
Our customers are numerous and satisfied, among them Lexus, S7, Lukoil, Deloitte, etc.
Our Works
Please review the portfolio of our work.